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COVID-19 Outbreak: India is laying the groundwork for tackling Stage-3

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With the increasing number of cases of COVID-19 in India, the government is taking measures to deal with the situation arising out of the coronavirus outbreak. India is currently witnessing 935 cases of coronavirus infected people and 19 deaths. Among the total number of cases, 84 are already recovered. Keeping an eye on the increasing number of cases, the health ministry and other medical wings of the government are taking cognizance of the situation.

India has reportedly begun its work and preparing itself for the stage-3 of the outbreak, reportedly, depending on the recommendations from the members of the coronavirus outbreak task force.

The stage-3 of COVID-19 outbreak

The third stage of an outbreak is also called community transmission. In such a case, identifying the source of the transmission is not easy, rather it becomes perplexing. In a stage-3 situation, a person having no vulnerable travel history and even without coming in contact with an infected person can also be infected. It is called community transmission on the fact that the virus starts circulating within a community infecting a large number of people resulting in the creation of a situation where tracking the chain of transmission becomes a tough deal. To break the chain of infection, step like lockdown is often put into action.

The first stage of an outbreak is when the virus is imported a country through a person who is not the source of the infection, rather infected another country. The second stage is when other persons get infected because of local transmission.

Delhi in preparation to tackle Stage-3

In a press briefing on Friday, Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi, asserted that the state government is taking measures to tackle the outbreak. Mr. Kejriwal said that he received recommendations from a panel of doctors on the outbreak and to get ready for a probable stage-3 situation in the state. ” We are ramping up our capacity for an eventuality of 1,000 daily positive cases, for testing, treatment, and isolation,” Kejriwal said.

The panel of doctors recommended the chief minister on the measures to be taken in case of a potential rise in the numbers of infected persons from 100 to 1000 per day. The measures also include arranging ICU beds and the testing facilities accordingly. It is to be noted that Delhi currently has 40 COVID-19 positive cases.

From the last two weeks, India’s COVID-19 cases are on the rise. The health ministry, ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) and WHO (World Health Organization) are continuously monitoring the affairs related to the outbreak in India.


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