Sudhir Chaudhary’s ‘Jihad Diagram’ is found plagiarised

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An hour-long show DNA (Daily News & Analysis) anchored by Zee News Editor Sudhir Chaudhary recently dedicated a part of the show to explain the ‘Jihad’ and its different types. Mr. Chaudhary elucidated the different parts and types of ‘Jihad’ through a chart which he called the ‘Jihad Diagram’.

Here is how Mr. Chowdhury’s ‘Jihad Diagram’ looks like.

The 'Jihad Diagram' presented by the news anchor
The ‘Jihad Diagram’ presented by the news anchor.

The chart’s texts were written in Hindi, divided ‘Jihad’ into two types – ‘Hard Jihad’ and ‘Soft Jihad’. We looked for the source of the chart, but no sources were mentioned for the chart that was presented as ‘Jihad Diagram’. It is important to mention the source because upon what kind of research this chart is based on, it is a primary question to every claim or record that is put forward in a content. If in case, it is a secondary data, the source should have been mentioned, if in case the source is not mentioned, should we call it a research work done by the presenter himself? Well, we tried to trace the content and found a post that was published five years ago by a Facebook page with the name Boycott Halal In India’.

Shockingly, we found that Mr. Chaudhary’s ‘Jihad Diagram’ is completely a translated version of the content that was shared years ago.

We found several other posts with the same content that were shared years ago.


A website with name 'Sickular' published it 5 years ago.
A website with the name ‘Sickular’ published it 5 years ago.

A tweet by a parody account in 2019.

However, the relevance and credibility of the chart is still under question on the fact that it has nowhere revealed the facts and the base it is based upon. For a ‘journalist’, the fact is of importance, therefore, the factuality of the content is questionable in every order.


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