Uber driver pushed out disabled man from car and cancelled ride in Chennai

Arman Ali was pushed out of the car by Uber driver
Arman Ali was pushed out of the car by Uber driver

Harrassment and discrimation against persons with disabilities often make it to news. Another such incident took place in Chennai on Wednesday.

A wheelchair-bound person, who has been fighting for the rights of disabled, was allegedly discriminated and pushed out of car by a Uber driver on Wednesday at Chennai International Airport.

The person, Arman Ali, the Executive Director of National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP) took the incident to social media and explained the ordeal. Ali wrote, ” I had booked the 1st Uber for the airport at 3 pm which I verbally confirmed with the driver. He kept me waiting for 10-15 minutes and then he canceled the trip.”

Later Ali booked another Uber cab. Ali said that the driver refused to keep the wheelchair on the backseat rather he was pushed out of the car and the driver cancelled the trip. ” I booked another uber who came. However after I got into the car, had my luggage put in, the driver was unable to put my wheelchair in the boot. I requested him to put it in the backseat to which he refused and said he doesn’t want to do the trip. I was unceremoniously pushed out of the cab and he cancelled the trip. I lost a huge amount of time due to these two uber drivers misbehavior,” Ali explains.

Arman Ali wants Uber to take stern action against the driver. He further said government talked about PWDs being Divyang (divine bodies) but they were treated like third class citizens and like burdens on society.

While talking to The Rational Daily, Ali said, ” The point I’m trying to make is Uber cannot do such a thing in the US or UK, but get away by doing so in India despite the new RPWD Act 2016. “

The netizens are condemning the incident of discrimination and demanding justice for Arman Ali.


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