A viral video of a ‘man eating leaf’ is a symbol of tragedy amid lockdown

Screenshots from the video
Screenshots from the video

A video has been going viral on social media where a person can be purportedly eating leaf. On witnessing the ordeal, another person, from behind the camera, starts asking as to why he is eating a leaf. The woman repeats her questions to the man and assures him to she will arrange food for him.

The woman served three food packets to the man, which can be seen in the video. As soon as the man starts eating, he suddenly breaks down in tears.

Netizens are discussing the issue, asserting that hunger is real, moreover, amid this nationwide lockdown, the poor are facing many ordeals. Be it about migrant workers walking hundreds of miles to reach home, be it about hunger, the issues are real and visible.

“I was heartbroken when I saw this and did not wish to share this video. I shared it with a friend and he said I must. But the truth has to be shown. This man was seen eating leaves by a lady who shot this. She requests him not to eat leaves and that she will get hot food for him. In the second video, she gets him 3 packets. We should hang our heads in shame,” A social media user wrote while sharing the video.

The Rational Daily could not independently verify the location of the video. However, it is already a topic of discussion among netizens. More details are awaited.


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