Man purportedly eating dead dog’s meat he found on road in Rajasthan

Screenshots from the video
Screenshots from the video

A video emerges on social media that shows a man purportedly eating dead dog’s meat on a highway. The person recording the video stops the man from eating it and offers food packet and water to the man.

As claimed, the video was recorded at Delhi-Jaipur National Highway, and the location is stated as Rajasthan’s Shahpura. A person uploaded this video on a social media site asserting that he helped the person.

“Humanity was ashamed on the Delhi-Jaipur National Highway in Shahpura, Rajasthan when a laborer was forced to eat a dead dog due to hunger. The most important thing is that no one stopped car and did not help the person. Anyway, I offered him water and gave him money. If you ever see someone hungry, then please help,” he wrote on a social media post in Hindi.

A social media post of the person

Earlier, another video surfaced on the internet that shows a person purportedly ‘eating leaf’ in hunger. Amid the lockdown, migrant workers have been facing ordeals.


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