The Person who witnessed a man eating dog’s flesh at highway in Rajasthan

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A video emerges on social media showing a man purportedly eating dead dog’s flesh at a highway. The person recording the video stops the man from eating it and offers food packet and water to him.

As claimed, the video was recorded at Delhi-Jaipur National Highway, and the location is stated as Rajasthan’s Shahpura. The man behind the camera who helped the person was Pradhuman Singh Naruka from Rajasthan. While speaking to The Rational Daily, Pradhuman said that he was shocked after witnessing a man eating dog’s flesh, and he came forward to help the man.

Pradhuman is a social activist, who said that he helped the man because of humanity. He further told The Rational Daily that the reason behind recording video was to let the world aware of such apathies.

Here is what Pradhuman has to say about the incident:


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