Vlogger Girl claims being molested in City Bus, Accused ‘fakes’ name

Screenshot from the viral video
Screenshot from the viral video

A viral video from Guwahati City in Assam has been making rounds on social media sites for a sensitive reason. A Vlogger girl claims in the video that she was molested by the ‘old man’ sitting right beside her in a city bus in Guwahati.

The video was uploaded on 10th June on the YouTube channel of the Vlogger who claimed that she was molested. In the video, she further said, ” This man has been misbehaving with me and touching my private parts.”

As the girl asked the man about his name, he replied claiming his name as ‘Habibur Rahman.’ But the state media reports say that the man lied about his name, rather the real name is Shapan Debnath.

Netizens are busy debating and discussing the incident since the video went viral.


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