‘Congress crying hoarse that BJP is trying to poach MLAs, but what did the Congress do when it was in power?’

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Congress leaders are crying hoarse that the BJP is trying to poach their MLAs and topple the Gehlot govt in Rajasthan. The CM Ashok Gehlot has said Rs 25 crores are being offered to win over each Congress MLA. The MLAs have been shifted to the posh Shiv Vilas Resort on the outskirts of Jaipur so that they are not ‘poached’.

But it may be asked what did the Congress do when it was in power? Indira Gandhi,  who is the real originator of ‘realpolitik’ in India, repeatedly destabilized and toppled governments, e.g. the NT Rama Rao govt in Andhra Pradesh. With her blessings almost all the Janta Party MLAs in Haryana, with their leader CM Bhajan Lal, crossed over to Congress. PV Narasimha Rao, to get a majority in the Lok Sabha, purchased several JMM MPs by cheque. Any number of other examples of such shameless horse-trading by Congress leaders can be given. So why are they complaining?

The truth is that since the time of Indira Gandhi there has been no ethics in Indian politics. The Congress party’s profession of secularism was really to, get Muslim votes, just as the BJP’s profession of Hindutva is to get Hindu votes. The truth is that Indian politicians are true disciples of Machiavelli who in his book The Prince said that politics and morality are poles apart.
Before the Mahabharata war began the elders of both Pandavas and Kauravas sat together and decided the rules of war e.g. no fighting after sunset, no striking below the navel, no attacking an unarmed man, a horseman must not attack a foot soldier, etc. But in the course of the war, all these rules were violated, just as the Geneva Conventions were broken in the two World Wars.
Similarly, it can be said that all Gandhian principles have since long been abandoned by our politicians who only follow Machiavelli and Kautilya, and believe in the maxim ‘ All is fair in love and war’.

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