‘No doubt Kejriwal is honest, so is Modi, but then Hitler too was personally honest’


The exit polls predict a massive victory for AAP in the Delhi Assembly elections ( the result will of course be declared on 11th February ). Although I had thought the BJP would win in view of the religious polarization in Indian society, it seems I was wrong. But what could be the cause of the victory of AAP, and what will be its effect ?

The cause is mentioned in Santosh Addagulla’s article ‘The Fourth Battle of Panipat’ published in theweek.in viz some benefits, some crumbs, to the people of Delhi e.g. reduced electricity and water charges, some apparent improvements in education, healthcare, etc as well as the clean personal image of Arvind Kejriwal. A contributing factor was the hostility of almost all minorities to the BJP which was seen as their oppressor.

But what will be the result of the AAP victory ? Apart from some fringe and marginal effect, some crumbs, will it abolish or even substantially reduce the massive poverty, record unemployment, appalling level of child malnourishment, lack of healthcare and good education for the masses, soaring food and fuel prices, corruption etc ? Not at all. Like a dying man clutching at a straw, the gullible people of Delhi, and in a way the gullible simpletons of India, have placed reliance on another madaari ( juggler who makes monkeys dance ), another Pied Piper who led the children of Hamelin, like rats, to their doom, painting a rosy picture of the future, like India Gandhi who said the magic words ‘Gharibi hatao’ or Modi who said ‘vikas’.

What is there in Kejriwal ? He, no doubt, seems personally honest, unlike Congress leaders who were almost all highly corrupt, but then Hitler too was personally honest, and so is Modi. But apart from that all Kejriwal has is the skill and infinite capacity of doing gimmicks, a quality he shares with Modi. He has no inkling how to solve India’s massive problems.

I have repeatedly said that the solution to India’s real and massive problems lie outside the system of parliamentary democracy, i.e. a kind of French Revolution, about which I wrote in my article titled ‘A French revolution is coming in India.’

So gullible people of Delhi and gullible people of India, celebrate, have fireworks, clutch at a straw, for voting for another Pied Piper of Hamelin—but I am afraid the hoopla and brouhaha won’t last very long.

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