When a person abuses, he cannot lie

Justice Markandey Katju. Credit: Express photo by Jaipal Singh
Justice Markandey Katju. Credit: Express photo by Jaipal Singh

Soon after I was appointed as a Judge of the Allahabad High Court in 1991, one day, a Pakistani gentleman came to meet me. He was the elder brother of a Muslim lawyer friend of mine who had remained behind in India while the elder brother ( the gentleman who came to meet me ) had migrated to Pakistan.

During our conversation, I kept trying to persuade the gentleman that Pakistan was a fake, artificial country, that in fact India and Pakistan were one country sharing the same culture, were one since Mughal times, that the two-nation theory was bogus, that Partition was a historical British swindle, and that we are bound to reunite one day under a secular govt, like West and East Germany, though that may take time, an idea about which I wrote in my articleThe time for the idea of Reunification of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh has come’.

He kept disagreeing with whatever I said, and kept supporting Partition. Ultimately, when I felt I was hitting my head against a stone wall, I said in sheer disgust “Aap chu—-panti ki baat kar rahe hain”.
At this, he smiled, and said “Jab koi gaali deta hai tab woh jhoot nahi bol sakta.” ( When a person abuses he cannot tell a falsehood.)


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