The Rational Daily was launched on 8 July 2018 as a multimedia news website with its
prime aim to reach the readers and viewers with the truth. The Rational Daily introduces
itself as the mission driven journalism that focuses on the issues that really do matter to
human world. It publishes its content for the greater impact in order make progressive
change in society by sending right information to its audience.

Independent Journalism:

The Rational Daily effectively follows Independent Journalism. Away from the corporate
world, the organization’s idea and aim is to keep Journalism away from any influence that
may harm its news publications and the quality of news. On the day of its launch, The
Rational Daily cleared its stance following public statement. The publication wrote,
“Amid this chaotic aura in the world of journalism, only a few media houses can be taken
for granted. We are here to make a revolution in journalism. For the news that matters the
most to commoners, the news that can make an impact and the news that have a positive
impact in society, be with us and be our strength..”

The Journalism of Revolution:

The news organization states its journalistic works as the ‘The Journalism of Revolution’.
It uses new news techniques, presentation techniques, news storytelling ideas and even
dedicates itself in order to bring change journalism, away from the way the the
contemporary media is working on.
The Rational Daily publishes news under the categories like – International, National,
QuickEdit, Opinion, Articles, Fact-checking, Inspiring Stories etc. However, it is to be
noted that the news organization is known mostly for its fact-checking contents and the
opinion pieces category where well-known experts in different fields contribute their

Fact-checking Policy:

The name of the news platform thoroughly signifies its take on its policy regarding fact-
checking. The Rational Daily is always rational in reporting its news stories. The fact-checking policy of The Rational Daily follows a certain structure that makes it evident
that our news contents are based on facts, away from any kind of ordeals.

 Each and every news goes through fact-checking. Our editors and reporters are
trained for fact-checking.
 Before publishing any story, we fact-check all the dimensions.
 We confirm the statements before publishing the stories.
 At the same time, we give the same importance and concentration while using
photographs with our news content.
 Most importantly, we often use citation/hyperlink to justify different
dimensions of news, so that the viewers can be well aware of the sources.
 Our sources of information also have to go through the fact-checking
framework to ensure its authenticity.
 No news contents are covered in one way, rather we cover both the
stakeholders while reporting a piece of news.

The Funding:

The independent media houses often face the question on their funding. The Rational
Daily believes in transparency and also believes in safeguarding the media from any kind
of corporate or political influence. The Rational Daily completely depends upon its
viewers, and receives donation fro its viewers only when they agree to support the
Independent Media house for a free press, journalism that never works under any other
source’s agenda.

 Since you are here… We would like to inform you that we are independent enough to reach you with the truth and the stories that matter to you the most. Support us for the journalism of revolution to keep the media independent.




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