Pakistan Govt approves law for chemical castration of rapists

Pakistan PM Imran Khan
Pakistan PM Imran Khan

The Pakistan Govt has approved a Bill to be introduced in the Pakistan Parliament for chemical castration of rapists.

I submit this step is silly, and will not only have little effect ( like Gen Zia’s law for flogging thieves publicly ) but will only lead to blackmail by false implications and increased police corruption.

I do not approve of nor justify rape, just as I do not approve of nor justify theft or robbery, but I submit that rapes, like thefts and robberies, will continue as long as there is massive unemployment in society. Let me explain.

We are part of nature, and sex is a natural urge. Though it is possible to have pre marital sex, in conservative societies like ours that is socially disapproved. So sex is ordinarily available only after marriage. But no girl will ordinarily marry an unemployed man. So to get married and have sex a young man will have to have a job. But since there is massive unemployment in society it follows that a large number of young men cannot get married, and will therefore be deprived of sex in the normal, socially approved manner. However, since the sex urge is strong, it follows there will inevitably be rapes.

Once again I say I am not justifying rape, just as I am not justifying theft or robbery. I am only submitting that it is inevitable when there is mass unemployment.

To get rid of rapes, or considerably reduce them, we have to create a social and economic order in which unemployment is abolished or considerably reduced, and that is possible only when there is rapid industrialisation and the economy is rapidly expanding, creating millions of jobs.

I am not saying that unemployment is the only cause of rapes. Married men also sometimes commit rape. But the main cause of rape is unemployment, and if we are serious about abolishing it we must start thinking of how to create a social and economic order in which the scourge of unemployment has disappeared or made minimal. A law, such as proposed in Pakistan, will have little effect and in fact only remain a gimmick.

Markandey Katju

Written by Markandey Katju

Justice Markandey Katju is the former Chairman, Press Council of India. Prior to his appointment as Chairman, Press Council of India, he served as a Permanent judge at the Supreme Court of India.

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