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  • Cyberbullying (Representational Image)

    Need for statutory provision for serious crimes like Cyberbullying

    As COVID-19 is at its peak and has given rise to lockdown situations in our country, everyone is fighting it at various fronts, but teenagers and women, on the other hand, are fighting a parallel war i.e the virtual war to stay safe. They are facing cyberbullying through social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram […] More

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    The technology and hearing of urgent matters in court

    COVID-19 Pandemic has led to lockdown for 21 days and our judiciary has continued working for urgent matters with a dynamic step of video-conferencing hearing and e-filing process. In my view, this is a very welcoming step forward to utilize technology which has been a good user-friendly option for lawyers and Hon’ble Courts by the […] More

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    Understanding liberty & freedom

    What are we craving for liberty or freedom or both? Each one of us needs to understand the difference between liberty and freedom. Liberty is what comes to all living beings & encompasses nature & it’s creations…it being solely evolutionary, universal & checked only by the laws of Nature! Whereas freedom is the right of […] More

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    Innocents are targeted, framed & suppressed whilst instigators & culprits go Scot free

    Today we are at a phase where discrimination, divisiveness has spilled us onto violence against each other, triggering hatred, that consumes the nation on lines of ignorance & religion! Where compassion & love for one another should flow, flows blood! Innocents are targeted, framed & suppressed whilst instigators & culprits go Scot free! We have […] More

  • Women protestng violence against women |Image credit: The Irish Times

    Women die daily from violence by a partner or a stranger

    It is nothing new when we hear, read or even witness violence of women amongst our social circle.  It is certainly a major stigma in our society as women are in constant fear of their safety and their lives daily. There are multiple types of violence against women. This could be verbal, physical, sexual, financial, […] More