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  • India and West Asia

    Analysis: India’s contemporary relations with West Asian countries

    In contemporary times, West Asia stands as a region of considerable significance for India, economically as well as strategically. Large numbers of Indian workers are in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states, as far as data is concerned, almost 8.5 million people engaged in different jobs in the region and 2.1 million of them are from […] More

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    COVID-19 Pandemic is a signal for the outbreak of a New World Order

    COVID-19 is a pandemic that largely affected the entire world, infecting a large number of population in 208 countries and territories, as a result, it is going to change the World Order of the 21st century which is popularly known as the Capitalist World Order. It emerged in China and is destroying the entire European […] More

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    Yemeni Civil Conflict: An Unimaginable Situation

    Yemeni conflict reflects the failure of the Yemeni government to address the common needs to its citizen, the uprising of politically marginalized Houthis and the corrupt state, which bring the country into civil war. Yemen is the poorest Arab country in the world. Due to the effect of the Arab Socialist Movement, Yemen’s ‘Imamate ruling […] More