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  • India amid pandemic (Image source: Nikkei Asia)

    Amid the year of pandemic and pain, the hope is still alive

    Regardless of many bitter experiences, the year 2020 is nevertheless going to give all of us the parting gift of some golden memories that we shall always like to cherish with a sense of deep nostalgia.  On the first morning of this month, when my eyes fell on ‘December’, as if staring at me in […] More

  • Protesting farmers (Image source: IndiaToday)

    Mighty people’s struggle: The historical significance of farmers protest

    The present ongoing Indian farmers agitation is of historical significance, and I wish to explain why. 1. Our national objective must be to transform India from an underdeveloped country to a highly developed, highly industrialised one. Without doing so we will remain condemned to massive poverty, record unemployment, appalling level of child malnourishment ( every […] More

  • Pakistan PM Imran Khan

    Pakistan Govt approves law for chemical castration of rapists

    The Pakistan Govt has approved a Bill to be introduced in the Pakistan Parliament for chemical castration of rapists. I submit this step is silly, and will not only have little effect ( like Gen Zia’s law for flogging thieves publicly ) but will only lead to blackmail by false implications and increased police corruption. […] More

  • Faiz Ahmed Faiz

    Quoting Faiz Ahmed Faiz in Court judgments

    Today is the death anniversary of the great Urdu poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz ( 1911-1984 ), whom I regard as the greatest Urdu poet of the 20th century ( though I have also great regard for other Urdu poets like Firaq Gorakhpuri ). In 1981, when I was a lawyer in Allahabad High Court, Faiz […] More

  • Mamata Banerjee, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah

    After Bihar, Is BJP winning West Bengal elections too?

    The Bihar state Assembly elections are over, and despite all the opinion poll predictions, and despite the huge rallies of Tejaswi Yadav in which he emphasised on massive unemployment in Bihar and Biharis migrating to other states in search of jobs, the NDA won a clear majority. This makes it evident that in Bihar, as […] More

  • Jainism

    Anekantavad of Jainism: the need of the hour in India

    Jains are a small religious community in India. Although there are many Jainis in India, most people, including many Jainis, do not know about the philosophy of Jainism. I was a student of philosophy at Allahabad University and was deeply impressed by the Jain philosophy. In a country of such diversity as India, Jainism is […] More

  • Scores of Tibetan fled to India in 1959 amid China's brutality in the region, the grandpa was among them.

    Reminiscence of coming to exile: China’s brutality and Grandpa’s tragic journey from Tibet to India

    Known as the world’s rooftop, Tibet was a land of peace and harmony. It was 61 years ago when China occupied Tibet. The intrusion turned out to be very brutal and horrendous for Tibetans back then and still. As of now, there is restricted freedom of religion, belief, and association. During the 1959 Tibetan uprising, […] More

  • Unity is strength (Image credit: Katha Kids - Saumya Shukla)

    Unity Is Strength: A gentle reminder to Indians

    Our national aim must be to transform India from a backward country with huge poverty, unemployment, child malnourishment, lack of healthcare and good education for our masses, etc to a modern, highly industrialised, and prosperous country with its people enjoying a high standard of living. But this is impossible unless we unite. At present we […] More

  • Reprsentational Image (Image credit: Vishnudutas)

    The ‘educated’ uneducated: Millions of so-called educated Indians

    The rising people’s distress in India requires a massive united struggle led by people for its alleviation and the transformation of India into a highly industrialised prosperous country. This massive historical struggle must be led by intellectuals, for intellectuals are the eyes of society, and without them society is blind. India today has millions of […] More

  • Lal Bahadur Shastri and his wife

    When Lal Bahadur Shashtri got paid for his articles

    I entered the writing world through translation work. My English teacher- cum – novelist Lt. Damyanti Raina, continually, used to give me originals and I had to translate them into Hindi for various magazines. In turn, I got paid for those translated pieces. During my engineering college days, it was a bonus for me apart […] More

  • Lord Rama

    Ram, the great grandfather of the Indian Nation

    I regard Ram as the great grandfather of the Indian nation ( in which I include Pakistan and Bangladesh ), the father being Emperor Akbar and the grandfather being Emperor Ashok. Today because of some bigots Ram is regarded as an oppressor or tyrant by the minorities in India, but was he really like that? […] More

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