Innocents are targeted, framed & suppressed whilst instigators & culprits go Scot free

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Today we are at a phase where discrimination, divisiveness has spilled us onto violence against each other, triggering hatred, that consumes the nation on lines of ignorance & religion! Where compassion & love for one another should flow, flows blood!
Innocents are targeted, framed & suppressed whilst instigators & culprits go Scot free!
We have preferred regress over progress; hard-learned lessons of history have been discarded for petty & selfish gains!
We’ve let sparks of self-immolation torch our democratic values, enshrined in our Constitution! This is demonic & shall burn our very fabric of freedom & unity!
Instead of moving forward, raising our voices of dissent to create anew; instead of exposing the wrongs that consume us all we are getting trapped in violence. We jump back one hundred years to erase the history we studied in textbooks of our schools. We are immune to don’t  ask, don’t care. Today we must move forward for peace and compassion.

Let us read our constitution together which under article 21 is a clear right to life ( in my view means right to live peacefully) with violence and discrimination we are shaking our rights gifted to us as citizens of India by our very constitution. Humanity is when we will work and protect each other without discrimination.  The light we need to spark of equality is provided in articles 14,15,16 and 19 of our constitution . Let’s protect our constitution now and forever.

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Dhruti Kapadia

Written by Dhruti Kapadia

Solicitor and Advocate-on-record, Supreme Court of India

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