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Fact-Check: Did Amish Devgan’s show ‘Aar Paar’ credit Modi for pressuring Trump to take on Baghdadi?

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Featured Image

With the claims made by US President Donald Trump about the death of ISIL chief Bakr al-Baghdadi, the world media is reporting the latest development in the story. There has been a widespread discussion and debate following several dimensions of the same.

The Claim

Amid this, a Facebook post that was shared by many claimed that an Indian Journalist ran a TV news show ‘Aar Paar’ where he credited India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump for the death of ISIL leader Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The image that was shared on social media
The image that was shared on social media

The shared image shows that Amish Devgan hosted his TV show ‘Aaar Paar’ by crediting Prime Minister Modi for pressuring US President Donald Trump to give an end to Bagdadi. It says, “Trump destroyed Baghdadi under Modi’s pressure.” It can be mentioned here that ‘Aar Paar’ show is aired on News 18 India (Hindi).

The Fact-Check by The Rational Daily

The Rational Daily fact-checked the image as it was a serious claim that may harm the reputation of individuals and also can create public chaos followed by certain issues. It is found that this is distorted, photoshopped and edited on purpose, that too intentionally.

The image is actually a photoshopped version of an image (Original) that was publicly posted by News 18 India about its TV Show ‘Aar Paar’ on the topic titled, ” Impact of Modi and Trump’s unity, Imran Khan surrenders on Kashmir Issue.”

The original Image

The distortion:

In the photoshopped image, Imran Khan’s image is replaced with Bakr al Baghdadi’s image. The title is also changed in order to create an impression and justify the connection between the images and title; collectively giving a different meaning. One can clearly see that in the photoshopped image the black (light) of Imran Khan’s coat is still visible.

The photoshopped image
Claim: Indian Journalist Devgan ran a TV news show ‘Aar Paar’ where he credited India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi for pressuring US President Donald Trump to take on ISIL leader Bakr al-Baghdadi.
Claimed by: User in social media website
Result: False

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Written by Mahmodul Hassan

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