Fact-Check: Fake religious mystery twist over Rugose spiraling whitefly’s act on leaves

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In India, scores of photos are going viral on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and even in WhatsApp claiming that the name ‘Allah’ naturally found written on leaves.

The Images are shared widely giving it a sense of emotional religious twist while terming it as a mystery of ‘Allah’. The religious twist comes with the notion that the word Allah appears to be naturally written on the leaves that too in the Arabic language, the language in which the Islamic holy book The Quran is written.

A viral picture that we received.
A viral picture that we received.

Videos, texts, photos and whatnot, netizens are going gaga over the pictures. Many videos with the similar title ‘Allah word written on leaf’ are available on social media sites.

Screenshot of the videos claiming it as a mystery.
Screenshot of the videos claiming it as a mystery.

A mere search with the sentence on YouTube shows up a bunch of videos claiming the same. While many videos claim to reveal facts over it, the so-called fact they reveal is that it is true, but no scientific logic is given or claimed.

Fact Check by The Rational Daily

The Rational Daily traced different viral pictures to conceive the matter. And it has led us to an article (research-based) published by the University of Florida. It is revealed that the main reason behind this ordeal is a pest (A pest is any animal or plant detrimental to humans or human concerns, including crops, livestock and forestry, among others), that is commonly known as Rugose spiraling whitefly and it does belong to the whitefly species.

Female of rugose spiraling whitefly | Picture credit: Jenifer Wildonger
Female of rugose spiraling whitefly | Picture credit: Jenifer Wildonger

This pest known as Rugose spiraling whitefly was reported for the first time in Florida from Miami-Dade County in 2009. The presence of this pest is found in Belize, Mexico, Guatemala (Evans 2008), and the United States. However, recent events show that it has a presence in India also.

In 2016, the presence of this pest has been reported in Polalchi, Tamil Nadu and Palakkad and Kerala.

According to the article available on the university’s website, Rugose spiraling whitefly feeds on various host plants including palms, woody ornamentals, and fruits. When the female rugose spiraling whitefly lays eggs on the underside of leaves in a concentric circular or spiral pattern and cover it with white waxy matter, it appears as something being drawn or written, and this is what is claimed as the Arabic word Allah written on leaves naturally.

Therefore the scientific studies reveal that behind all these ordeals there is one name, that is Rugose spiraling whitefly. Believing all the religiously twisted claims are baseless. Better be safe from these Fake News.
Claim: Arabic word ‘Allah’ written on leaves a religious mystery
Result: False

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