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Fact Check: Passengers infected with coronavirus arrived at Senegal Airport

A screenshot from the video
A screenshot from the video

A video and a text attached to it have been making rounds on social media sites amid worldwide worriment over the COVID-19 outbreak. The text shared with the video claims that an Ethiopian flight arrived at Addis Ababa airport from Italy, carrying passengers infected with the virus.

The claim shared in social media posts

The video shows that several people embarking from the flight, coughing and can be seen in anxiety, while many are busy assisting them.  Anther frame of the video shows that people are running, scared of the situation and some others at the spot are seen holding ‘arms’.

Key Doubts

One of the flights in the video shows that the flight is from Senegal. Moreover, all the people assisting others are wearing dresses that are mostly used in a training or mock drill.

Fact Check

In one of the frames of the shared video shows a banner hanging in the background. The banner reads, “Airport International Blaise Diagne (AIBD), THIOKAM 2019.” We traced information about ‘Thiokam 2019’ and found and that it is the name of an exercise or training.

Screenshot from the video

Moreover, a news report about the event was also published on a news website. The video is originally from Blaise Diagne de Diass International Airport (AIBD) in West Africa’s Senegal. It was indeed an event held in November 2019. The event called  ‘Thiokam’ is a training aimed at evaluating the capacity to respond to various crises that may arise during airport operations. “The main objective of this activity is to satisfy the requirements of civil aviation regulations. It also involves testing the airport emergency plan as a business planning tool,” says the news report about the same event shown in the video.

Therefore, the video is nowhere about virus-infected persons, rather it is about a mock drill or training event called ‘Thiokam’ held in Senegal in November last year.

  Claim: Passengers infected with coronavirus at Senegal Airport 

 Claimed by: Facebook Posts 

 Result: False 

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