‘OpIndia’ spreads fake news, terms CAA protesters in JMI as ‘Islamist mob’

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OpIndia, that claims itself as a news website in its recently published news report termed the protesters of the Citizenship Amendment Act as ‘Islamist mob’. The report published with the title ‘Rambhakt Gulshan shooting in Jamia: A well hatched conspiracy? Here are some questions that need answers’ mentioned the protesters at Jamia Millia Islamia University as ‘Islamist mob’.

It was the report of the incident that took place at Jamia Millia Islamia University on Thursday. According to a news report, a man took out his gun at a student march from Jamia Milia University to Rajghat against CAA and started shouting threats. The visuals of the incident show that despite police presence, the man walking alone on an empty road barricaded by police, took a shot at the protesters. In the incident, a student at the University’s Mass Communication department was reportedly injured.

However, OpIndia published a complete fake content while calling the protesters ‘Islamist Mob’. The news portal gave an angle to the news story which was different. “While walking backwards, almost scared of being attacked by the Islamist mob protesting against CAA, he fired one shot eventually as the police came within an arm’s distance,” the news report published in the portal claimed.

Screeshot of the 'news' published in the website
Screeshot of the ‘news’ published in the website

On what basis the portal termed the protesters as ‘Islamist Mob’ is still not clear, but the fact is that the ‘protesters’ were ‘protesters’. There is no evidence of the protesters being Islamist mob. Therefore, OpIndia published a news report with a fake claim, whereas a news report should have to be based upon fact, but the portal that claims itself as a news website entirely did the opposite.

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