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Young Poets and singers in Delhi celebrate ‘Voices For Change’

From the event 'Voices for change'
From the event 'Voices for change'

India has a rich history of poems and the poetic ability to call for a change, be it about the social, political and cultural form of change, India has ‘excelled’ in all.

The poetry and song as the tool to question and bespeak different matter of contention is still relevant in Indian society. The youth are leading the torch of ‘voices for change’ forward.

One such event of celebrating the poetic ability for change was organized by CAFE Jamia (Centre for Arts And Free Expression) on Sunday in Jamia Nagar, New Delhi. The event witnessed the presence of a good number of audiences along with several performers.

Several young poets recited their poems, most of the poems question different issues, criticise the government in power and in between, largely spotlight the human rights with the perception of political narrative.

Aprajita Deb, a young poet, and a teacher recited her poems at the event. Her poetry speaks volumes about the present social order and the plight of women in India. Audience regarded her poetic ability that depicts the issues in a more prudent form.

Poojan Sahil’s songs often questions the government in power. Sahil came into limelight for his songs that questioned the present NDA government. His songs draw point on the issues like demonetization, biased journalism and several other social and political issues.

Sania Saifi, a young Delhi-based poet received appreciation for her way of reciting her poems. Sania depicted the tragic feeling of a martyr’s wife through her poem at the event.

Aamir Aziz’s songs articulate the contemporary matter of contention in India. Aamir’s song ‘Ballad of Pehlu Khan’, the song he is known for, on the ‘lynching’ of Pehlu Khan earlier went viral. Aamir presented the same at the event.

Kaushik Raj, a young poet, recited his poems of change at the event. His poems focuses on constitutional rights over the deflating position of India’s social and political order.

Aseem Sundan, Ditsa Bhattacharya, Meghna Prakash, Nabiya Khan and Prakhar Kumar were among others who recited their poems at the event and were highly appreciated.

Written by Mahmodul Hassan

Mahmodul Hassan writes on Human rights, Politics, and Social Justice. The author can be contacted at:

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