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Infected techie’s wife escaped Bengaluru by air, took Delhi-Agra train and later tested positive

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With India’s increasing COVID-19 cases, some recent events are creating a sense of conundrum all across the country. A Bengaluru based Google employee was recently tested positive with coronavirus. The person and his wife were on a honeymoon trip to Italy and returned to India recently.

According to news reports, the person was put under isolation after symptoms of coronavirus showed up, his wife was quarantined in Bengaluru. However, the woman reportedly escaped from Bengaluru by air and reached Delhi. Further, the woman took Delhi-Agra train on her to parents’ home in Agra, where the health officials found her staying with eight other people in the family.

Taking cognizance of the matter, health officials took the woman and her other family members to S N Medical College in Agra where she was tested positive. Now, concerns are being raised over the matter that the virus might have spread to other passengers who boarded the same flight and same train that the woman took her way to Agra.

North Central Railway zone took the matter seriously.  “The entire Agra Cantt railway station, trains and railway premises are being sanitized. We also are coordinating with the state authorities to contain the spread of the virus and have set up an isolation ward at the railway hospital,” TOI quoted Ajit Singh, Chief Public Relations Officer of Agra Cantt railway station, as saying.

The latest figure updated by the health ministry shows that India has 82 cases of coronavirus infection, amid this, two people reportedly died were infected by coronavirus.

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