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Italian Nurse treating patients with COVID-19 says she is ‘afraid to go to work’

Alessia, an Italian nurse

Alessia Bonari, an Italian nurse from the Grosseto city in Italy, treating patients with coronavirus conveyed through a social media post that she was facing a medical emergency and was afraid to go to work. This was revealed by Alessia on Monday in an Instagram post. The post went viral amid WHO (World Health Organisation) declared the COVID-19 as pandemic.

The nurse mentioned several reasons as to why she was afraid. “I’m afraid because the mask may not adhere well to the face, or I may have accidentally touched myself with dirty gloves, or maybe the lenses do not completely cover my eyes and something may have passed,” she wrote. Alessia revealed that she was physically exhausted as the protective devices were bad, the lab coat made her sweat and once dressed she could no longer go to the bathroom or drink for six hours.

The exhaustion is not only restricted to physical, but it is also affecting her psychologically. “I am psychologically tired, and as are all my colleagues who have been in the same condition for weeks, but this will not prevent us from doing our job as we have always done,” Alessia opined. However, Alessia’s thirteen hundred words long post conveys that she is tired but not losing hope and that she will continue her works. “I will continue to take care of and take care of my patients because I am proud and in love with my job. What I ask anyone who is reading this post is not to frustrate the effort we are making, to be selfless, to stay at home and thus protect those who are most fragile. We, young people, are not immune to coronavirus, we too can get sick, or worse, we can get sick,” the nurse asserted.

The nurse’s post has received over 75k reactions with lots of convincing comments. “Friend, you are an example for the country and humanity! The motivation that we are getting from this, I send you a huge hug,” writes a user. “Thanks, Alessia. Great admiration for how you do your job. Thanks for all you do and the really important words you used,” a user wrote in Alessia’s admiration. Alessia’s post is now viral on social media sites and the netizens are appreciating her efforts.

Written by Mahmodul Hassan

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