Education at the slums, an organization working for deprived children amid pandemic

Children at the slums participating in different activities (Image Courtesy: IYSF)
Children at the slums participating in different activities (Image Courtesy: IYSF)

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, 2020, the Ignified Youth Social Foundation team organized a program that included scores of activities that inspire children to learn and educate themselves. The programs were organized in five different Indian states – Delhi, Rajasthan, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, and Meghalaya where the of IYSF team members engaged with children who are deprived of online education due to lack of mobile phones or internet accessibility amid the pandemic. IYSF members visited orphanages, slums, and remote areas to communicate and engage with such children. Activities like poetry recitation, essay writing, storytelling were organized along with one of the team members teaching online dancing lessons to the children.

Ignified Youth Social Foundation is a community of young minds as well as a cultural blend of people from different backgrounds working for a varied range of social, cultural, and environmental issues. Following the footsteps of revolutionary leader Shahid Bhagat Singh, the Indian youth social group has been engaged with deprived communities in Jaipur, Rajasthan since 2014.

With the help of supporters and volunteers, IYSF has successfully organized a number of community projects and activities at blind schools, slums, orphanages, special educational institutes, and for mentally challenged as well as for specially-abled people.

Furthermore, the activities of IYSF are not limited to mere special occasions. On August 22nd, 2020, the IYSF team came up with this idea of providing education to these children. A group of youngsters from different domains of work belonging to different states have pledged to contribute their bit to the nation by educating slum and orphanage kids. Working under the name ‘कaksha’ – A fun-filled classroom to provide the weekly educational sessions to those who are deprived of the online classes during Covid19. The group teaches fundamentals of General Knowledge, English, Hindi, and Mathematics. Along with general school subjects, the children are also engaged in extracurricular activities such as painting, dancing, and sports.

The Delhi Team of IYSF including two students from Jamia Millia Islamia, Taj Mohammad, and Ishita Afreen Ahmed, are working in the slums of Johri Farm and  Batla House to make this initiative successful.

They said, “Thankfully, we were greeted with overwhelming kindness and met a wonderful bunch of children. The enthusiasm of the children our activities more enjoyable.”

“The group teaches around 100 underprivileged kids at five different cities and villages of India. Change comes slowly, but with whole communities involved, a groundswell of demand and informed debate and engagement with policymakers, the bureaucracy, academia, and media developers. IYSF team is making these kids learn how to read and write and make them better human beings”, said Rupali Soni, Founder of IYSF.

(Note: The story is based on a press release of the IYSF team. The opinions expressed in this article are those of IYSF’s own and do not reflect the opinions or views of The Rational Daily.)

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