Indians are celebrating this picture, here is why

Man offers food to another man on the occasion of Eid
Man offers food to another man on the occasion of Eid

From the last ten years, social media has been proved to be a powerful medium to promote integrity and unity. When in India, amid scores of controversial posts making its way in the ‘viral content’ list, netizens are now celebrating a  picture for a good reason.

A picture was recently shared by one Nadeem Khan that shows a person is offering food to another person on the occasion of Eid with a smile on his face. The person is seen eating the food (Kheer) in a grateful ‘manner’. Khan who posted the photo on Facebook described the photo with the caption, ” When Kheer was offered to Pandit Ji, he refused and went ahead. When he was told that it was Eid’s kheer, then he came back and said that I am a patient of diabetes, so I refused but if it is Eid’s kheer, I will definitely eat a bit. He Prayed a lot after tasting kheer.”

India often witnesses communal clashes, even social media is full of filth in the name of religion. In such a situation, this photo went viral for what the netizens describe as ‘Unity in diversity’.

Netizens in India are applauding this photo. It can be mentioned here that the photo was taken at Cannaught Place in Delhi.




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