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Amid Coronavirus outbreak, Zee News tweets, ‘Pakistan will die like Corona’s death’

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Zee News, one of the most-watch television news channels in India, shared a tweet on Tuesday through its official twitter handle that has invited both criticism and controversy. A photo uploaded on its twitter account shows a picture of Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, along with the text ‘अब कोरोना की मौत मरेगा पाकिस्तान ‘ (Pakistan will die like Corona’s death). It also appears that the channel was updating its viewers on Twitter about its program on the aforesaid subject and it also mentioned the time of the program to be telecasted on the channel.

The full text of the tweet reads, “Why Corona became uncontrollable in Pakistan? Now Pakistan will die the death of Corona! Watch at 7:25 PM on @ZeeNews.”

Screenshot of the tweet
Screenshot of the tweet

The tweet is now deleted. The link to the tweet does not work anymore. However, the cache data is available on the Google search engine that simply shows the original tweet which is now deleted.

Several social media users took it to Twitter and Facebook, sharing their opinion on the tweet.

‘Morally Corrupt’

One user writes, ‘Morally corrupt’ is an understatement. India is rotten to the core. This @ZeeNews headline in which it wishes Pakistan’s death by Corona is just a specimen.

‘Toxic reporting’

Another user writes, ” Toxic reporting at its worst. On one side, PM Modi invited SAARC nation leader to discuss the situation and awareness. On another side, Zee News channel is saying that whole Pakistan will die from Coronavirus.”

‘Shouldn’t cheer deaths’

One user, Shivam Shukla writes, “Cheering for coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan is mockery of humanity.We the fellow humans shouldn’t cheer deaths in other country because first, we are humans and afterward nation comes. @ZeeNews don’t act like a morally corrupt institution.”

Earlier, the channel’s show on the topic ‘Jihad’ came into controversy.

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