Clash among reporters outside NCB, Republic TV reporter blames ‘NDTV and ABP’

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As the journalists and other media workers gathered outside the Narcotics Control Bureau office near Ballard Estate, Fort, Mumbai, to cover Simone Khambatta who was being interrogated by NCB following drugs case, a scuffle between reporters has been reported.

Videos of the incident that surfaced on social media sites show that heated argument among persons leading to one of them slapping another. This happens at a time when police are present on the spot.

Sharing the video, Republic TV reporter Pradeep Bhandari alleged that he was attacked. Alleging ‘NDTV and ABP’, Pradeep Bhandari wrote, “Know what is the cost of speaking the truth in Maharashtra? As the well-known faces of the cartel are getting exposed, their anger continues to grow. When the police didn’t do anything, NDTV and ABP goons sent journalists to assault me. But I am not someone who breaks easily.”

Saurabh Gupta, NDTV journalist reacted to the claim of Pradeep Bhandari and denied the allegations made by the Republic TV reporter. Saurabh Gupta wrote, ” In the face of serious provocation, abuse and misbehavior from another channel’s representative, the NDTV crew at the spot responded calmly, with no violence or aggression as alleged by Pradeep Bhandari. The video he himself has tweeted clearly establishes this.”

Another journalist Zeba Warsi, while reacting to the incident termed it as ‘so embarrassing’ and ‘shameful’. “Outside NCB, it came to blows today and Mumbai Police personnel had to intervene. The fact that Police now has to ensure that journalists don’t fight among themselves, so embarrassing,” Zeba wrote on Twitter.

The whole incident is now a trend on social media where netizens are debating and discussing the incident.

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