Trade War: Israel bars Palestinian agricultural exports through Jordan

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At a time when the US backed Middle East Plan is creating tension in the region, Israel blocked the palestinian agriculral exports through Jordan. This is seen as a part of the trade war between the two countries.

The israeli authority reportedly banned Palestinian agriculture products from exporting through jordanian crossings. This was revealed by Palestinian Agriculture Minister Riad Attari. Voice of Palestine Radio quoted the Minister as saying,”Yesterday, the director of Israeli crossings informed all exporters and all relevant parties that all Palestinian agriculture products, including fruits, vegetables, dates, and olive oil, would be banned from export to world markets through the Jordanian crossing starting Sunday.”

The office of the Defense Minister Naftali Bennett informed that the step is a part of anctions that Israel placed on the Palestinian Authority after the Plaestinian Authority limited the import of calves from Israel.

It can be mentioned here that earlier in September last year, Palestinians took steps in order to stop importing beef from Israel. And the reason to this was cited by the Palestinian Authority on the basis that most of the 120,000 head of cattle they imported monthly from Israel were imported and that therefore, they directly started importing from other countries.

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