Arun Jaitley passes away at 66, Nation mourns

Arun Jaitley passes away (Image credit: BusinessToday)
Arun Jaitley passes away (Image credit: BusinessToday)

India’s one of the top politicians Arun Jaitely passes away on Saturday at the age of 66. The nation is mourning the death of the former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

From the last two years, Mr. Jaitley went through several health issues. It can be mentioned here that Mr. Jaitely underwent a bariatric surgery in 2014 and a kidney transplant surgery in 2014.

In the first term of Narendra Modi government, Arun Jaitley was handling different ministerial circumstances of the government including himself being the Finance Minister. However, in 2019, after the landslide victory of BJP in the election, Mr. Jaitely wrote a letter to PMO stating him not to assign any ministry to him as he wanted to focus on his health.

No matter what, Mr. Jaitely established himself as one among the top politicians through all the ways possible, be it being in opposition or in the government.

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