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Netizens on Kejriwal proposing free bus and metro facility to women in Delhi

AAP's takes step to make public transport free for women
AAP's takes step to make public transport free for women

The Chief Minister of Delhi on Monday announced that the woman commuters in Delhi soon be able to travel freed on public transport, DTC Buses and DMRC Metro.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal further said that the step is taken for the safety purpose of the woman commuters in Delhi. He further stated that the whole process will cost the government Rs.700 cr this year.

However, the process is still waiting approval from the central government.

The netizens have different opinion and remarks regarding Mr. Kejriwal and his government’s decision to make public transport free for women.

Questions BJP

Fed up with freebie Politics:

Should be stopped?

Taxpayer’s Money and Statue

Buying women votes:

These were some opinions that we found on Twitter. Share your opinion regarding the issue below in the comment box.

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