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Pregnant Woman Beaten Up, Sign of Alleged Police Brutality in Assam

Three women alleged that they were brutally beaten up
Three women alleged that they were brutally beaten up

A matter of alleged police brutality in a northeastern state in India came into limelight when one of the victims filed a complaint about being brutally beaten up by police personnels, that too inside a police station.

Acording to state media reports, a pregnant woman and two of her sisters were picked up by a police personnel Mahendra Sarmah ( officer -in charge of Burha police outpost) from Guwahati on September 8 and later they were taken to Burha Police Outpost in Assam’s Darang district. They were reportedly picked up after their brother eloped with a girl.

The three women recently alleged that they were brutally beaten up overnight by the police personnel Mahendra Sarmah, two constables and a police woman during interrogation inside the Burha police outpost in Darang.

In a news report of Northeast Live, the victim preganant woman said that she told them not to beat her as she was pregnant. ” But they did not listen to me. [Police personnel] kicked me on my stomach and hit at the back with baton. Asked us to strip naked,” said the preganant woman in an interview with the aforesaid channel.

Another victim woman said that the preganant woman was bleeding after being beaten up.

After the matter started to get wide coverage in news channels, the state police put two police personnel under suspension. Mr Sarbanando Sonowal, the Chief Minister of the state also asked for an immediate investigation into the matter.

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