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This social activist uses his ‘Hindu’ identity as a protest against mob lynching

Rahul Kapoor holding placard protesting the mob lynching incidents
Rahul Kapoor holding placard protesting the mob lynching incidents

Hundreds of people gathered and took protest rallies to Jantar Mantar in Delhi demanding justice for Tabrez Ansari, who died three days after being brutally beaten up by a mob for allegedly stealing a motorcycle in Jharkhand. Ansari was also forced to chant ‘Jai Shree Ram’ and ‘Jai Hanuman’ by the mob.

Among the hundreds of protesters at the parliament street, a person was seen standing tall while holding a placard that read, ” My name is Rahul Kapoor. I am a Hindu. Hinduism is against all forms of violence. Save India from mob lynching.”

At a time when the political narratives are often set with the perception of religion, Rahul’s use of ‘Hindu’ identity as a symbol of protest gives it a new meaning. Upon asked about the reason behind using the ‘Hindu’ identity to protest the mob lynching incidents, Rahul said, ” It is important because in the name Hinduism, in the name of Ram, people are indulging in violent activities, making videos and making it viral”

Rahul Kapoor holding a placard

Rahul further said that Hinduism does not stand for any form of violence and that Hinduism is a religion of peace. ” We do not support such people who, in the name of Ram, in the name of our Lord are indulged in violent activities. They are not Hindus, they are just criminals. They should be punished.”

Rahul Kapoor, a social activist, pursuing his Ph.D. in Jamia Milia Islamia University demanded a strong law to eradicate the mob lynchings in India.

The protest rallies witnessed the presence of the student leaders Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid. The protest was independently called by the people from different domains seeking justice for the victims of mob lynching incidents in India.

Written by Mahmodul Hassan

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