Cow vigilantes beat man with hammer on suspicion transporting beef

Screen grab: Mob beating up a man on suspicion of transporting cow meat.
Screen grab: Mob beating up a man on suspicion of transporting cow meat.

In a horrific incident, a man was reportedly beaten up by cow vigilantes near Gurgaon on Friday. A chilling video of the incident shows that a group of men while taking law in their hands, kicking and beating a man with a hammer. From the video, the total brutality on a person is clearly visible, while people and cops watch standing around.

According to a news report published in NDTV, the incident happened around 9 in the morning near Gurgaon when the person identified as Lukman, was stopped by cow vigilantes suspecting him of smuggling cow meat with the vehicle. However, the owner of the vehicle said that was buffalo meat and he has been in business for 50 years.

Later on, Police stepped in and controlled the violent mob. The victims, Lukman was taken to the hospital. Reports say that police also filed a complaint against ‘unidentified individuals’ involved in the brutal act.

Meanwhile, the police have sent the meat to the lab for testing. According to a news report, Pradeep Yadav, one among the mean who beat him, is arrested. The incident is similar to that of the Dadri mob lynching incident in 2015 that became the center of concern for many all across the country.


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