Jamia Student Calls Handwara CRPF Personnel ‘War Criminals’, Uproar among netizens

Mahoor Parvez's comment calling CRPF personnel 'war criminals' is widely criticised
Mahoor Parvez's comment calling CRPF personnel 'war criminals' is widely criticised

A screenshot of a Jamia Milia Islamia Unversity student’s Instagram story has been going viral and facing criticism for commenting on CRPF Personnel while calling them ‘war criminals’. The law student Mahoor Parvez allegedly shared a picture of CRPF Personnel died in an attack by militants in North Kashmir’s Handwara, while terming them as ‘war criminals’.

While sharing the picture, Mahoor Parvez wrote, ” Why are y’all obsessed with glorifying war criminals… These forces have illegally occupied and committed gross human rights violations in Kashmir for 70+ years. And yet the one who picks up the gun to liberate Kashmir is a terrorist to you and these are martyrs? Make it make sense.”

The issue is now trending on Twitter. Many users are criticizing the comment made by the student. A user wrote,” This is so wrong irrespective of your religion or your beliefs they are martyrs, they protect this country irrespective of what they believe in because they fight and die for India. Please stop bringing politics or religion.”

Gaurav Bhatia, a Senior Advocate and a national spokesperson of BJP wrote, ” Jamia Millia Islamia law student Mahoor Parvez calls #HandwaraEncounter martyrs ‘war criminals’, her supporters refer to the killing of Pakistani terrorists ‘human rights violation’ This is inhuman, the sacrifice of the army martyrs is supreme. Shame.”

Mahoor Parvez was an intern with the law firm Khaitan & Co. As soon as the issue came into discussion, Khaitan & Co distanced itself from the issue while ‘clarifying’ through a tweet. ” There has been a tweet related to the recent unfortunate incident in Kashmir, purportedly by a member of our Firm. This is to clarify that the person was a student intern in Oct 2019 & has no connection with the firm anymore (formal or informal) whatsoever,” the law firm tweeted.

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