Police Brutality: People walking towards native were made to crawl amid lockdown

People are made to crawl on road
People are made to crawl on road

After the nationwide declaration of 21-days of lockdown all across the country, several news stories of migrant workers and commoners being trapped in places on their way to home have been making it to headlines. With no transportation services, many migrant workers are reportedly reaching their native places on foot.

Recently, on Wednesday, some people in Uttar Pradesh were made to crawl while wearing their bags. The cops reportedly made them crawl as a punishment for violating the lockdown and that the people were on the way to their native places.

This incident has been widely criticized by many on social media sites. Ashok Kumar Tripathi, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Badaun sought apology for what went wrong. An investigation on the incident is initiated by the administration against the persons responsible for the act.

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