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Why many Indians agree that COVID-19 is ‘Chinese Bio-Terrorism’

A caricature shared by a user on Twitter
A caricature shared by a user on Twitter

Thousands of netizens are busy tweeting about the Coronavirus outbreak. The virus that reportedly first infected people in China’s Wuhan province and spread to hundreds of countries is now gradually becoming a part of the discussion on the point that China is somewhere responsible for the outbreak, that is what exactly many Twitter users in India are debating about.

#ChineseBioTerrorism has been trending on Twitter in India. We went through many posts to understand the reasons behind the perceptions the users are putting forward while calling the coronavirus outbreak as ‘Chinese Bio-Terrorism’.

‘China is responsible for the mess’

One user says that China is responsible for the outbreak while terming it as a ‘mess’. “China killed its own People to hide the truth from the world! They are controlling different types of viruses in their labs! They allowed Coronavirus to spread throughout the world,” the user wrote.

Overtaking control of other countries

A user termed china wholly as arrogant and selfish. The user wrote, “The whole concept of China itself is terrorism. They are arrogant , selfish and highly dangerous country for the world. Check their culture of overtaking control of other countries through economics means.”

China ‘allowed it to grow’

Another user accused that China allowed the virus outbreak to grow. The user wrote, “When Nipah outbreak happened in Kerala, India alerted WHO & took immediate efforts to contain it; when Ebola happened, much poorer African nations did everything to stop the spread & just see what China did with #ChineseVirus – allowed it to grow – isn’t that all look sinister?

Establishing geopolitical leadership

A user wrote, ” #China‘s attempts at establishing geopolitical leadership by first infecting the entire world with #ChinaVirus and then pretending to want to help are gradually unraveling. The #ChineseBioterrorism shouldn’t be forgotten or forgiven. These scums don’t deserve any kindness.

There has been a controversy around calling the virus as ‘Chinese Virus’. It can be mentioned here that China’s foreign minister Wang Yi reached out to India with the hope that New Delhi would not support the labeling of the Coronavirus as the ‘China virus’. Reportedly, India’s foreign minister S. Jaishankar has agreed with Wang Yi’s concern.

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