Why netizens calling for boycott of PM Modi’s speech?

PM Narendra Modi
PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday at 6:00 in the evening addressed the nation amid coronavirus outbreak in the country. Mr. Modi, in his 10 minutes long speech spoke about the status of the pandemic and the government’s part of contribution in the efforts to curb the outbreak. Along with several concerns related to the outbreak, Modi cautioned commoners to be serious about the situation amid the festive season.

However, right after the speech, many netizens are now taking it to social media and calling for a boycott of PM Modi’s speech.

Reason behind the ‘boycott’

Scores of netizens took it to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter asserting concerns, while calling for boycott following the topic ‘#BoycottModiBhasan’ – which is now trending. A user with the name Surya Pratap Singh wrote, ” Who is responsible for -23.90% negative growth of GDP? Unless PM Modi answers this question, the nation will boycott all of his speeches.”

Many of the netizens are mostly concerned about the economy and unemployment, which visible throughout the threads on social media. Another user asked PM Modi not ‘hide failures’. The user Yogesh Meena wrote, “Narendra Modi Ji speak on Unemployment, Economy, Foreign policy, Girl’s safety, Crime rate, Chinese intrusion, Education, Privatization, Corona, Inflation, Petrol price. Stop hiding your failures. And stop feeding Godi Media.”

Questioning the ‘leadership’, another user Utkarsh Kaushik wrote, “No one knows where our country stands at this terrible time. But we are being shown the film world. What a deadly leadership in the hands of our country. @narendramodi Yes, you will not let people live.”

These criticisms have come at a time when the recently ‘Economic Outlook Report’ shows that India is set to drop below Bangladesh in terms of per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP), as the latest report of IMF projects that India is going to witness contraction by 10.3 per cent this year.

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