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Fact-Check: Did Shahrukh Khan really donate 10 Crore for Assam Flood?

Did Khan really donate for Assam Flood?
Did Khan really donate for Assam Flood?

As India’s Northeastern state of Assam is witnessing heavy flood from the last month, there has been huge discussion and debate over the worsening flood situation in Assam.

People from all across India are donating money and goods for the flood victims. While Bollywood actors like Akshay Kumar and Amitabh Bachan also donated for the flood victims in Assam

As the news of donation by celebrities makes it to news, suddenly, from last several days, different posts on social media sites are claiming that well-known Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan has donated 10 Crore for the Assam flood victims.

The Rational Daily’s fact-check team traced some of the posts and videos that claimed the same.

Screenshot of a video that claims Shahrukh Khan donated 10 Crore

We went through a video with the title – “Assam Flood Victims को King Shahrukh khan ने दिया 10 करोड़ रुपये” ( Sharukh Khan donated 10 Cr to Assam Flood Victims) which claims that Shahrukh Khan ‘Unofficially‘ donated 10 crores to Assam government. However, this video does not quote any sources of the news and simply affirms that the given sum was donated by the actor.

A Facebook post claims of Khan donating 10 Crore

Among several Facebook posts claiming the same, we have put one example from Facebook here. This post claims that Khan donated 10 Crore and dignifies the actor for the same.

Our fact-checking team found it a social media framing that claimed the actor donated the aforesaid sum of money. Rather it found no credible source that confirms the same.

No news channels, newspaper or credible online sources reported on the donation. If the donation was made to Assam government as claimed, this would certainly be on news on the other day.

The viewers and readers or the netizens should not rely on the non-credible sources that do not even quote any source, instead affirm and claim any news without proper research and verification.

However, Mr. Khan earlier donated to flood victims of Kerala last year.


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